Monday, September 17, 2007

This planet is not only yours, but

others too ...

I was dumb struck when I saw this ad by WWF in TV ... My (stupid) planet mates, please, please think for a moment.
You have no rights to kill this planet.

Yes, I am guilty too.

For,Do, While... all should have an 'exit'

People change.

We change.

I change.

What is 'me'?

How did the small, innocent boy become 'me'?

It's absurd, no meaning at all.

Thinking comes so natural to me, as well as stupidity.

The reason for existence narrows down, day by day.

Again comes the question, who am I? What makes 'me'?
What's meant by death? After death, 'me' won't be there any more?
Where does 'me' go? Missing? Just 'lost'?

Potential to find a reason to push, sinks again.

The list of unanswered questions gets bigger and bigger, the hope to find the answers, is diminishing.

The more I think, more silent I become. More silent I am, new questions rise. Vicious loop. Searching hard to find an 'exit' condition.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cat is happy ... all that matters.

The whole idea of you wanting the cat was to make you and cat happy.

Now you know that cat is happy without you, you start to think, that is all that matters.

You give up.

You are happy watching the cat, feel happy about cat being happy.

In the end, somebody got to be happy, this time it is cat.

You are happy, albeit sort of, and cat is happy...

That is, my friends, the end of cat story.