Monday, March 28, 2011

Trip to Kanha Bandhavgarh

Phew !

An awesome week long vacation to Kanha and Bandhavgarh National parks !

And here comes the pictures :)

Lets start with state bird of Karnataka, the Indian Roller. Here is a profile pic of it.

Indian Roller!

After lunch one day, in Kanha, I see an Indian Roller sitting on a tree in front of our log hut. I had to take pics of it :)

It ended up me chasing the bird around the resort, clicking some 300 pics of the same bird !

Indian Roller !

It was like shooting a model, it went on posing, I went on clicking !

Indian Roller !

Only thing that was missing was, I just couldn't take a good pic of it flying :-( But, in Bandhavgarh, while waiting for a tiger to show up (it did not) , I get a chance to shoot this pic. This is Indian Roller, flying !

Indian Roller

Another beautiful bird I loved is Shikra. It's a small (comparatively ) bird of prey.

Shikra !

Look at those glowing red eyes !

Here is another pic :

Shikra !

If anyone calls you Goobe in Kannada, never get upset anymore. They actually mean, 'you are cute' :-)

Here is a rare jungle owlet :

Jungle Owlet !

And common spotted owlets:

Spotted Owlet

One more:

Spotted Owlet

Birds of prey are always majestic to look at. Following are an Indian Vulture, Crested Serpent Eagle and Changeable Hawk Eagle respectively :

Indian Vulture

Crested Serpent Eagle

Changeable Hawk Eagle

One rare sighting was that of a Porcupine ! Apparently they are nocturnal, and aren't easy to find in day light. But little fella graced us with his presence !

Porcupine !

Though it looks cute n all, it is a very dangerous animal. Even tigers are known getting hurt by these !

Okay. Lets look at some Tigers !

Her name is Kankati, Kan = Ear in Hindi, kati =torn .

She is around 5 years old. Apparently, she got into a teritorial fight with other tigress and killed her. During that fight, she lost her left eye. Also her right ear is cut.

Her Majesty, Kankati Tigress !

Here she is walking past our jeep ! She was walking very near to us !

Boy o Boy o Boy !

Her Majesty, Kankati Tigress !

All in all, it was fantastic ! More picture are here in my flickr page:

Let me know what you think !

Sunday, March 13, 2011

psychedelic trance track for the night !

I'm listening to this track over and over again. Your mileage may vary :P