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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Published, again !

So, Vijaya Karnataka, local Kannada newspaper used one of my pics in their Saturday supplement.

Original pic here:

Onake Abbi Falls 3

My only complaint is they did not attribute it :-(

Earlier case of similar story from Udayavani is here :
I wonder if I can make some money out of these :)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

We made an ad !

For BumsOnTheSaddle saddle bags !

Check this out !

BOTS wedgie ! from BumsOnTheSaddle on Vimeo.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Visit to Agumbe Rainforest Research Station

Me and Chirdeep went to a weekend workshop / trip to Agumbe Rainforest Research Station last weekend.

Needless to say, we saw heavy rain, lots of snakes, frogs etc.

Here are few pictures:

We bumped into quite a few of Common Vine Snake. This little handsome fella is quite harmless. It is venomous but not fatal to humans. When threatened it displays the different color of scales !

Green Vine Snake

here is how it looks when its agitated:

Green Vine Snake

Another view of the green vine snake:

Green Vine Snake

Another common sight was Malabar Pit Viper. Now, this one is quite venomous, as the name says its seen in mostly in Malabar / Sahyadri / western Ghats.

Couple of pictures:

Malabar Pit Viper

Here is an close up view:

Yes they do come in different colors.

Malabar Pit Viper

I got bored on an afternoon, and went to explore the place around the research center. I came across this fella:

Calotes ellioti

While we are looking at tiny creatures, how can I forget to mention this beautiful frog?
Oh boy, I love frogs. They are cold and cute :)

Golden frog

And this cricket was kind enough to pose for this macro shot:


Agumbe is a beautiful place with wonderful bio-diversity, and a perfect get-away for a weekend. This unknown waterfall is a testimony for that :)


All in all, the place, people and wildlife were amazing. I love Agumbe.

You can see more pictures from this trip here: [ ]

More Agumbe pics are here on my Flickr account: [ ]

As always, please let me know what you think :-)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New stuff

umm. I forgot to mention, I left ThoughtWorks and have joined Flipkart.

Moved on from generalist QA role to a specialist QA role.

Let me see how this gonna work out :-)

Almost famous

Couple of months back, a new joinee to office came to me and asked if I am 'Sri Harsha', apparently he knows me from my blog !

Today, while I was goofing around at BumsOnTheSaddle , a customer asked me if I am "Sri Harsha", apparently he knows me from facebook.

Huh !!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Bums On The Saddle ...

Selling anything is hard. Especially if you aren't selling just a commodity but an experience. That's what I learnt when I 'interned' at Bums On The Saddle.

Let me first just say this: Bums On The Saddle Rocks. Period. In BOTS you'd be never sold a bike, but an experience.

Okay, back to topic. I took a short break from all IT stuff and started working with BOTS with Rohan and Sid. I do have some retail selling experience as a cashier at a restaurant , as a waiter at a hotel and Salesman at an ice-cream shop. But boy was this different !

First, nothing goes just smooth. There will be a lot of things that aren't just going to fall in place. As a local bike shop guy, there are a hundred things you need to take care at any given point of time.

In this short period of time we :

Moved to a new place
Started designing the new set-up
Made a downhill training session happen ( big shout out to Nelly and Iggy !)
Made live streaming of Tour de France happen at the shop.
Put quite a few people on new cycles !

Thanks BOTS for the experience ! Love you guys :)

Friday, July 01, 2011

Tour de France 2011

Mother of all the cycling races is around the corner ! Tour de France starts on July 2nd.

Though all time favorite Lance is not racing this time around, I am totally rooting for Mark Cavendish, one of the best sprinter of our time. I can't wait to see Team HTC-Highroad leading him out to front and then Mark beating hell out of others :D

Imagine cycling at around 50 km/h for about 150-180 kilometers and then for the last 500 meters or so, sprinting at 70-80 km/h ! That is a treat to watch !

Here is old but informative article about all the questions you may have about Tour de France.

Timings of stages as per IST here: [ ]

[ ]


Monday, May 16, 2011

Offroading in Bangalore !

A short clip of photos and videos of our Bangalore Bicycle Championship's last race in namma Bengaluru. Shot and compiled by Sagar.

What a race !

Check out the photos I clicked here:

Check this out too :

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Commuting to office by cycle in Bangalore - Part 2

I've been commuting to office on a cycle for little more than 2 years now. Time to look back at the over all experience :)

I wrote about this long back, here.

Lets go through those again !

-> Distance I commute on bike -- It varied from 16 km to 10 km to 2 km, and now 6 km. (One way)

-> Time it takes -- Less than any motorbike or car. On a serious note, cycle is actually faster. Especially if the route is packed with other polluting vehicles (did you notice the smugness, hee hee)

-> How long I've been cycling to office : Little more than 2 years

-> What bike do I have: I have 2 bikes now. One is an awesome hard tail mountain bike (Trek 4300). Other one is a sexy road bike (Trek 1.5).

-> Where did I buy these mean machines? -- I bought both the bikes from Bums On the Saddle, The best bicycling shop in Bangalore. Those folks are actual bikers who know their stuff.

-> Okay, Isn't it kind of dangerous to cycle around in crazy Bangalore traffic ? No, not really. It's intimidating for sure. Once you understand how to mingle with the rest of the traffic, it gets easier.

-> How many times I've crashed due to other vehicles : zero

-> How many times I've crashed due to my own stupidity : Two (survived with minor bruises to body, big dent to my ego)

-> How many times I've got yelled at from other motorists? None. (Surprise)

-> How many times I've given the 'finger' to other motorists : quite a few. When I am on a bike, I am very aggressive and fast. Hence, me yelling at other slow moving vehicles is inevitable.

-> How many times kids have given me 'Thumbs up' : more than a few. Kids love bikes. I always smile at them when they keep staring at the bike / or my funny attire.

The number of bike commuters is increasing day by day in Bangalore. I regularly meet a lot of bikers on the road everyday. I can't wait to see Bangalore turning into Amsterdam :)


Monday, March 28, 2011

Trip to Kanha Bandhavgarh

Phew !

An awesome week long vacation to Kanha and Bandhavgarh National parks !

And here comes the pictures :)

Lets start with state bird of Karnataka, the Indian Roller. Here is a profile pic of it.

Indian Roller!

After lunch one day, in Kanha, I see an Indian Roller sitting on a tree in front of our log hut. I had to take pics of it :)

It ended up me chasing the bird around the resort, clicking some 300 pics of the same bird !

Indian Roller !

It was like shooting a model, it went on posing, I went on clicking !

Indian Roller !

Only thing that was missing was, I just couldn't take a good pic of it flying :-( But, in Bandhavgarh, while waiting for a tiger to show up (it did not) , I get a chance to shoot this pic. This is Indian Roller, flying !

Indian Roller

Another beautiful bird I loved is Shikra. It's a small (comparatively ) bird of prey.

Shikra !

Look at those glowing red eyes !

Here is another pic :

Shikra !

If anyone calls you Goobe in Kannada, never get upset anymore. They actually mean, 'you are cute' :-)

Here is a rare jungle owlet :

Jungle Owlet !

And common spotted owlets:

Spotted Owlet

One more:

Spotted Owlet

Birds of prey are always majestic to look at. Following are an Indian Vulture, Crested Serpent Eagle and Changeable Hawk Eagle respectively :

Indian Vulture

Crested Serpent Eagle

Changeable Hawk Eagle

One rare sighting was that of a Porcupine ! Apparently they are nocturnal, and aren't easy to find in day light. But little fella graced us with his presence !

Porcupine !

Though it looks cute n all, it is a very dangerous animal. Even tigers are known getting hurt by these !

Okay. Lets look at some Tigers !

Her name is Kankati, Kan = Ear in Hindi, kati =torn .

She is around 5 years old. Apparently, she got into a teritorial fight with other tigress and killed her. During that fight, she lost her left eye. Also her right ear is cut.

Her Majesty, Kankati Tigress !

Here she is walking past our jeep ! She was walking very near to us !

Boy o Boy o Boy !

Her Majesty, Kankati Tigress !

All in all, it was fantastic ! More picture are here in my flickr page:

Let me know what you think !

Sunday, March 13, 2011

psychedelic trance track for the night !

I'm listening to this track over and over again. Your mileage may vary :P

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Trip to B.R.Hills

So, a bunch of us went to B.R.Hills this weekend.

Highlight of the trip: Tigers and Leopards didn't get a chance to meet us. We were too busy :-(

But here is a nice one: We spotted a "Draco, The Flying Lizard"

Draco, The Flying Lizard

Can you spot the lizard ? :-)

Also, there were amazing number of different kinds of birds !

Here is a good shot of Racket-Tailed Drongo !

Racket-tailed Drongo

Also I got a chance to try out Canon 500 mm lens !

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Fear ...

Fear has always been a strange emotion for me. How much ever I convince myself that my fear related to few things are completely irrational, I am still left weak kneed :-(

I don't know how many times I've ranted that I want to hold a snake in my hand and take pics of it. I was almost convinced that if I see a non-venomous snake I wouldn't hesitate a second to catch it. I was very confident that I am not afraid of non-venomous snakes.


During recent trip to back home, I ran into a chance of seeing a rat snake very close by. You see, I should have jumped on to the opportunity, run behind the snake and catch it. At least that was what I should have done.


So, first thing I did is to run, get my camera and take a pic.

From Blah

Then I ran towards the snake with all the intention of catching it. Just when I was this close to the snake, I froze. My mind was blank. I hesitated. Just for few seconds, I think I had no thoughts in my mind. Just staring at the snake.

That's all the time need for the super fast rat snake to run away.

So much for my courage and confidence :-(

According to my Mom, this fella is a frequent visitor for our garden.

So, as they (who ?) say, there is always next time :-)

Monday, January 03, 2011

Some Random Macro Shots

So, I bought the new macro lens (Canon 100mm f2.8), hence I had to shoot some tiny stuff.

Yet to get used to the lens, initial reaction : 'Not really impressed'.

Few shots:

This one - me likey !

Spiky Monster !

I like this one too !

umm ...

I so want to try a reverse mount of lens to shoot some super macro pics. Just need to put some effort. Also need a nice flash.


long exposure star trails photography

I've always been fascinated by the night sky, stars, space and celestial objects. And I love photography. So I had to try my hands again on long exposure sky photography this time :-)

Idea is to have very very slow shutter speed ie keep the shutter of camera open for a long time. During which, earth rotates (or stars "move"); hence the stars and other bright objects in the sky make bright lines in the pic rather than shiny dots.

Can you believe this was shot pitch dark night ?

Exposure: 6019.0 sec

How ever the dark the sky looks, there is always light, from near by street lamp, distant house, street lights and thousand other things that emit light. Hence it is good to try long exposure shots of night sky in remote places where light pollution is minimal.

On December and January night sky, the most famous and noticeable constellation is the Orion Constellation. That's what I tried capturing during all my efforts this time.
From StarTrails

Exposure : 310.0 sec

As you can see above, instead of black background I have somewhat of a reddish color, purely because of all my neighbors not switching off their house lights :-)

Wide angle is the best option to cover as much area as possible. Also you would need tripod to mount the camera.

In Shutter priority mode, camera usually allows only 30 seconds of exposure. So switch to manual mode, keep decreasing the shutter speed and you would hit some thing called bulb-mode.

I have recently bought the remote trigger for my camera and it made my job of clicking photo easy. Either remote or some other method for keeping the shutter release button pressed.

Another thing to note, its almost guaranteed that auto-focus will not work with faint brightness of stars, hence you would have to switch to manual focus.

Here is an example of my myopic eye-sight fooling me :-(

From StarTrails

Exposure : 68.0 sec

Exposure time of more than few hours is very common. But usually pictures will be shot with shorter duration and then will be stacked to reduce the light noise.

One more problem I faced: since the lens is pointing towards sky, there will be mist / moisture that gets collected on the lens. It slowly blurs the pic. I have not found any solution for this yet. methinks I can wipe the moisture off in the middle of long exposure. Not sure though.

Here is an example : Star trails are looking like they are comets !!

From StarTrails

Exposure : 1863.0 sec

Its not the first time I tried the star trail photography, and its always fun.

This pic I took in early 2009 :

The Hunter and the Dog ...

For a change this time I went to sea shore one night, hoping to see less light. But there wasn't much difference in light pollution though :-(

Here is a better shot I have :
From StarTrails

Exposure: 1800.0 sec

One thing that you definitely need is patience, loads of patience :-)

Now, go on, shoot some stars :P

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Fun with water balloons and camera ...

You all might have seen those wonderful pictures of water balloon bursting, no ?

Ever wonder how tough actually it is to take a picture of it?

I tried my hands on that, and boy o boy, isn't that difficult !

Things needed:
  • Water :-)
  • Balloons, lots of them
  • Some thing to tie the balloon
  • A needle
  • And lots of bright light on Balloon
  • And of course a super fast lens.

So, I set out on a bright afternoon, with intent of shooting an awesome pic of water balloon bursting.

Here is my set up :

First few attempts went down the drain :(

Then few came pretty close, but no luck :-(

Almost there :

Oh my, so close yet so far !!

Finally one pic I am proud of (sorta ...) --

Yay !! You can even see the bit of balloon flying off !

Little technical stuff:

I couldn't use remote to click the pic. There is a delay of 2 seconds between me clicking the remote and shutter actually firing, it's ridiculously tough to sync shutter and balloon bursting.

Also, I didn't want some one else to burst the balloon. Hey I want all the credit, alright ?

So, I used the delayed self timer to click and sync the balloon bursting. I totally burst some 9-10 balloons to get the pic somewhat okay.
  • Camera used: Canon EOS 450 D
  • Lens : Canon 50 mm f1.8 (Fastest lens I have)
  • Shutter speed: 1/1000 of sec
  • I shot in Shutter priority mode.

That's all folks !

:-) let me know what you think !