Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My own website !!

Woohooo !!!

Everybody, go to http://mylittlefinger.in ! [UPDATE: Don't bother. It's not mine anymore :) ]

That's my site !! Although nothing much there right now, I promise I'll show off all my CSS/html skills there soon :-)

Woo hoo !!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Did you know

this word?


My client at the office used this on a conversation and I had to quickly google it to understand ...


Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to shoot lightning!

or to be precise, how I managed to capture lighting on my camera :-)

Okay, this might be a lengthy post, you've been warned ...

So, another weekend, and as usual I am wondering what to do. But today, Bangalore weather has been nice... It started to drizzle in the evening. And lighting ...

So I took my camera out, put my 18-55 mm lens on that, and set it up on my rarely used tripod.

Alright, lightning was predominant on east side and sky was full of clouds :( Once in a while I could see lightning clearly, but had no idea how to shoot it.

So, I set my shutter speed to max, ie 30 seconds and to compensate that I kept the aperture to low. f22 me thinks.

But, no luck. All I could capture was some light pollution from Bangalore night sky and some residual light from the lightnings. Even after 5-6 attempts.


Clearly, higher exposure was not going work.

And I started to lower the exposure gradually, still no luck. And now clouds were moving towards south. And it started to drizzle heavily.

Armed with an umbrella, I continued on my quest to capture the elusive lighting.

By now, I changed my tactics from longer exposure to very short exposure. Like 0.8 sec at f5.6

Then there was a silver line over the clouds. Literally !!


So, the trick I used is to click continuously, with highest exposure that is less than a second. Because, for exposure longer than a second, the de-noise mechanism on my camera starts. Ie, once a shot with 1 sec exposure is taken, it would not allow me to take another shot immediately. Though I can disable it, I didn't want to.

Finally after around 200 clicks I got my first shot with a lightning.

And after some more clicking, here is the best I could capture !!


All these pics are in my flickr page, which you can find here ...

If you know a better way to capture lightnings, please do let me know...

I am happy :-)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tiny ant

There is was a tiny ant on my desk, and it looked like it was lost. It just went in cirlces :(

I tried to help, but I think I just killed it.