Sunday, December 16, 2007

Unimaginable ...

It was just another lazy Sunday afternoon. I had just left home, heading to my uncle's place for lunch. That's the best part of weekends, I can go to my relatives place and have yummy lunch :)

So, I was on my bike, dodging through the usual Sunday traffic on DVG road. I wasn't going too fast or neither slow. If you ever been on that road, you would definitely know how narrow that road is and how the pedestrians walk on the road instead of "oh so lovely footpaths". And not to mention the parking on the one side of the road.

Everything was fine, I was occasionally looking at the big cars parked and their owners wearing shiny sunglasses. I just couldn't figure out why would people buy such big cars and drive them in these narrow roads, then fight in the middle of the road for the occasional scratches 'cause of the minor accidents.

Anyways,I was somewhere near the junction next to 'Ice Thunder' and suddenly a woman almost ran into my bike from one of those gaps between the parked cars. I had no choice but to apply the brakes and try to avoid hitting that 30 something lady. But you know about the drum brakes, you need to apply the brakes almost 10 meters before if you want to stop the bike where you want. I just couldn't avoid the collision, I ended up hitting my bike to that lady and my bike fell on the road.

I had invariably shouted 'Aunteeeee ...' before colliding my bike, just to get her attention.

I guess she was around 30, wearing a flashy salwar kameez, well built.

Me shouting 'Aunteeeee ...', bike making a screeching sound before kissing the ground, a thin guy with an 'Iron Maiden' T-Shirt and a lady who got hit by that bike. More than enough for getting the attention of all people nearby. The shop keepers, pedestrians, and some fellow bikers all gathered around the scene.

There was me, holding my helmet in one hand, not knowing what to do, wondering what will happen next. I noticed that she wasn't hurt, but there might be a small bruise or something on her leg.

I started thinking, this is going to be the most embarrassing/ may be painful moment in my life. Have you ever observed, in these kind of situations how time goes so slowly? Every seconds seems like an year, and you just stand there, stranded .

I was expecting a tight slap on my cheek, or some sarcastic advice on how to ride a bike. Any thing was possible.

I looked at her. I could see her face changing from shock, then to scared, then to normal and then there was pure hatred.

She stared at me, looking deep in to my eyes. Then she said, something which I had never imagined, before leaving the scene of crime ...

She said, 'DON'T call me Aunty'.


Monday, December 03, 2007

An Observation ...

Unlike in City, on Highways, people honk for a reason ...