Monday, August 16, 2010

A Rainy Affair with a Snake ...

So, whenever I visit my hometown, my dream is to bump into a snake and take pictures of it. Preferably a Cobra, but any snake would do for as a starter.

I couldn't believe my luck when I ran into a small snake this time I went home. But few problems.

I didn't have my camera at hand.
It was raining cats and dogs.
I was at least 5 minutes walk away from home where I have my camera.

But I can't let go of this chance to take pics of a snake, how can I ?

I know that this snake is non-venomous, tiny (around 1-1.5 feet in length), and wouldn't kill me if it bites me.

So, I gathered all my courage and grabbed the snake by it's tail (?). And brought it home while few people were giving me those funny looks.

Now, reached home, grabbed my camera, put on my only decent lens. I kept the snake on a small plant, waited till it got comfortable. Then got into business.

Tale of a Snake I

While I was getting drenched in rain along with my camera, I managed to shoot few good pics.

Tale of a Snake II

After around 100 pics, rain got heavier, time to let the snake go on it's way. I left it back where I found it. I couldn't find courage to kiss it good-bye.

Tale of a Snake III

I am still trying to figure out an 'English' name for this snake. I'll update once I do.

Most probably it's Buff Striped Keel back.