Sunday, December 02, 2012

It is , really

I step out of the house to find some thing to eat. Walk along the footpath towards The Forum. Its about 9 in the evening, traffic full with people desperately trying to find parking. Koramangala main road is full of life. Entire family, friends hanging out on weekend, odd couple trying hard not to overdo their PDA. Roadside dosawallas and paanipuri guys working hard. The veg/non-veg  momo guy trying to make a living. A couple haggling with auto guy. The Delhi boy with his BMW. All the cars and bikes trying claim their piece of road.

I just walk past these people, the chaos, the madness.

Neon lights everywhere. Smell of masala dose from some nearby Shanti Sagar. Empty cellphone show rooms. Airtel office is on its weekly off. Newly opened Van Heusen showroom, can't see any customers inside. The tender coconut guy is done  and closing his business for the day.

The Ganesha temple is all lit up.

As I walk past, a chilly thought runs through my head.

"Fuck, its cold. Should have worn the jacket"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

"And like that, poof. He's gone"

Death is beautiful, death is misery. It is a full stop. Nothing beyond. Gone, gone forever. No traces. No funny jokes, none whatsoever.

Death leaves others with puzzle. Some worry, some take it easy.

For some, death of loved ones hits immediately; for some, it takes years. Some move on, some still hang on.

What's next after death, I don't know. It is beautiful, is all I know.